Dutch Bell #611 Lambright Country Chimes

Dutch Bell #611 Lambright Country Chimes

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Listen to this chime:

  • 46" long
  • 1.5" square tubes
  • Mocha finish

Featuring unique square tubes, this contemporary style chime creates soft, melodious tunes.

Powder Coated Aluminum Tubes

Powder coating bakes the color onto the aluminum, making it durable and more resistant to weather. It is also UV-resistant to minimize fading in sunlight.


UV-treated rubber o-rings are provided for all wind chimes with round tubes. If placed at the very bottom of each tube, these act as "bumpers" and will reduce clanging of the tubes.

Wind Chime Tops & Strikers

Poly lumber is used for wind chime tops and strikers. This is an unbreakable, environmentally friendly material made from recycled milk jugs. Poly lumber will not rot, crack, or chip, and is very weather-resistant. The string used is polyester UV-treated, and our one-of-a-kind suspension system further prolongs the life of the string.